Madbrook Films is a New York City development and production company founded by Madeleine Sackler and Boyd Holbrook

Madbrook Films is a New York City development and production company founded by Emmy-winning producer/director Madeleine Sackler (The Lottery, Dangerous Acts Starring the Unstable Elements of Belarus) and actor/director Boyd Holbrook (Narcos, Gone Girl, A Walk Among the Tombstones). Fueled by friendship and similar artistic sensibilities, Madbrook is focused on producing passion projects from both partners while aiming to develop true partnerships with like-minded writers and filmmakers with compelling stories to tell.

In partnership with Sackler's production company, Great Curve Films, Madbrook is currently in production on two feature films, O.G. and IT'S A HARD TRUTH, AIN'T IT. The films were recently featured in The New Yorker.

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Madeleine Sackler

Madeleine's first documentary, THE LOTTERY, sparked a renewed debate on the future of education and was shortlisted for the 2010 Academy Award for Best Feature Documentary. Her second film, DUKE 91 & 92: BACK TO BACK, examined Duke's storied basketball program, and was Turner Sports' first feature film. Her most recent film, DANGEROUS ACTS STARRING THE UNSTABLE ELEMENTS OF BELARUS, follows a group of underground performers in highly censored Belarus, the "last dictatorship in Europe" (Toronto International Film Festival; HBO). The film was the recipient of several Best Documentary awards at festivals around the world, including an Emmy for Best Arts and Culture. 


Boyd Holbrook

Boyd Holbrook is an actor, writer, and director. Boyd has acted in over fifteen critically acclaimed films and television series, including LOGAN, NARCOS, GONE GIRL, A WALK AMONG THE TOMBSTONES, SKELETON TWINS, and HATFIELDS & MCCOYS, and the upcoming PREDATOR. Boyd's directorial debut, PEACOCK KILLER, is based on a short story by Sam Shepard and stars Shea Whigham and Elizabeth Marvel.